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We've changed names

20 Jan 2020

Not setup yet. Will do later.

Eyelash Course Sale

01 Aug 2019

Last few remaining training dates before I go on maternity leave. Act now to avoid disappointment​ and take advantage of our £50 Off August Sale

Eye Love Lashes Hot Weather. Sun and Thermometer. Eyelash Extensions

6 Top Tips for Lashing in Hot Weather

25 Jul 2019

Lashing in this HOT Weather is always challenging. Follow Eye Love Lashes 6 Top Tips for Lashing in Hot Weather for Improved Eyelash Extensions Retention​.

Piggy Bank Sunbathing with Sunglasses, Eye Love Lashes Training Courses

Sale: £50 Off August Courses

28 Jun 2019

As some of you may know, I am going to have a baby in September so August will be the last month I can squeeze some training in before I go on maternity leave. Therefore, I'm having an AUGUST EYELASH TRAINING COURSE SALE.

Fish out of water, jump out a crowded fishbowl into an​ empty one. Eye Love Lashes Logo

10 Steps to Working for Yourself as an Eyelash Technician

19 Jun 2019

The thought of leaving a full time employed job to work for yourself is terrifying. Follow my Top 10 Steps to working for Yourself as an Eyelash Technician:

cheap bad eyelash extensions

Cheap Eyelash Extensions

11 Jun 2019

"cheap eyelash extensions” Hopefully, the picture speaks for itself, and I don't need to tell you, ladies, to STAY WELL CLEAR! Not sure? Please read on

Trilogy of Eyelash Adhesives | Glues

01 May 2019

Eyelash Glues are a personal choice based the working environment but choosing the best eyelash adhesive can minimise the chance of wasting your time & money.

Eye Love Lashes Reviews

Read our Reviews for Eye Love Lashes

18 Feb 2019

Eye Love Lashes are blessed by so many kinds, thoughtful reviews on Google & Facebook. We are very proud to maintain a 5 STAR rating for eyelash extensions

eye love lashes refresher course

Explicit Review of Eyelash Refresher Course

13 Jan 2019

“going back into lashes” I finally took the plunge 😂... I chose a refresher course with uuuu..... because ur the bestest lash tech and ur fit as ****!!!!!...."

Megan Thomas Eye Love Lashes Interview

Video Eyelash Extensions Training Course

01 Jan 2019

Video of Eye Love Lashes Eyelash Extensions Training Course. Learn to lash, start your own business working for yourself in a booming eyelashes industry

Eye Love Lashes Eyelash Extension Refresher Course

New Eyelash Extensions Training Course

08 Nov 2018

Poor classroom training courses in this industry that don’t adequately educate & support their students leave people nervous about lashing in the real world

lashbase interview with Eye Love Lashes, lashes by Megan Thomas

LashBase Interview with Megan Thomas

07 Nov 2018

Read More: Megan Thomas has just won the title of 1st place in the expert classic lashes category at this year’s Professional Beauty North Show 2018

Eye Love Lashes, award-winning  lashes

Professional Lash Championships 2018

23 Oct 2018

Megan Thomas entered the Professional Beauty Lash Championships. Megan was entered as Expert due eyelash training experience with Eye Love Lashes Training

Eye Love Lashes Training Course Derby, Lashes by Megan Thomas

Time-Lapse Video of Classic Eyelashes

24 Sep 2018

Watch Now: Time-lapse video of a full set of Classic Eyelash Extensions by Eye Love Lashes Training in Derby. 1.45 hour Full set condensed into 1.5 minutes

Tweezers by Megan Thomas, Eye Love Lashes

Which Eyelash Extension Tweezers?

22 Sep 2018

Choosing the best Eyelash Tweezers can make a massive difference to your lashing. There are so many different types of eyelash extension tweezers to choose

Eye Love Lashes Training, do your research by Megan Thomas

Video Blog: Eyelash Extensions Research

19 Sep 2018

Watch this: Always do your research when choosing an Eyelash Technician, ensure they’re using the correct adhesives, not nail glue & Eyelash Training

Lash styles by Megan Thomas, Eye Love Lashes

Eyelash Extensions Styles

17 Sep 2018

The eyelash extensions styles we will look at in this blog are; Squirrel, Cat, Natural & Dolly Eyelashes. Read on about different lashes & styles

Eye Love Lashes Training Winter

Eyelash guide for Autumn Winter

12 Sep 2018

Must read for all Eyelash Artists. Winter is coming, & changes to the weather will most definitely affect your eyelashes, so here's what you can do to.

Eyelash Extensions Shampoo Recipe

03 Aug 2018

This simple recipe is Eye Love Lashes TOP TIP for a quick, easy and inexpensive cleanser to clean your eyelash extensions at home.

Megan Thomas from Eye Love Lashes

Video guided tour of eyelovelashes.uk

01 Aug 2018

Megan Thomas gives a video guided tour of our new eyelovelashes.uk website, information on eyelash products and Eye Love Lashes Training Courses

Eye Love Lashes lash extensions

Reviews by Eye Love Lashes Lash Artists

09 Apr 2018

Read what our customers are saying about Eye Love Lashes Eyelash Training Courses. 5 Star Google Reviews on Eyelash Extensions Courses & Eyelash Products

Megan Thomas Owner of Eye Love Lashes Eyelash Training

About Megan Thomas, Eyelash Extensions

08 Apr 2018

Read about why Megan Thomas set up Eye Love Lashes to teach Eyelash Extensions to combat bad practices in the Eyelashes Industry. Megan lashes in Derby

Eye Love Lashes Eyelash extension course

Why choose Eye Love Lashes Training

07 Apr 2018

No.1 Eye Love Lashes is an Eyelash Extensions Training Course Provider based in Derby, East Midlands. Read why you should choose ELL Lash Course

Eye Love Lashes We mean business eyelash terms and conditions

Shipping, Returns, T&C & Privacy

01 Jan 2018

Eye Love Lashes, terms and conditions, shipping information, returns and privacy policies.