10 Steps to Working for Yourself as an Eyelash Technician

When should I quit my job to be a full-time Lash Technician?

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The thought of leaving a full time employed job to work for yourself is terrifying. "What if I don't get enough clients?" "How will I earn enough money?" are some questions I hear all the time.

The benefits of being employed are you do your hours, and you get paid at the end of the week/month, regardless. It's a nice security blanket that keeps people in employment.

But look at it another way. Why work for someone else on their terms for less money to build their career? Work flexible hours that suit you and earn more money per hour!

Working for yourself is scary, I know! The worst part is making the leap of faith, and the rest is just dedication, determination and work. The rewards are there to be enjoyed though.

Be Smart. I obviously don't want to tell you all to jack in your jobs tomorrow and start from scratch with your new business. Setting up your own business takes time and patience.

Follow my Top 10 Steps to working for Yourself as an Eyelash Technician:

1. Get Qualified.

Make sure you are fully qualified with a Nationally Recognised Diploma, backed by an insured accreditation such as ABT. There are different types of eyelash extensions courses available. The Classic 1:1 Eyelash Extension Course and Russian Volume Lash Course.

2. Get Practiced.

Ensure you are well practised and very confident in your technique and lashing. The more practised you are, the faster and better you lash. The faster you can lash, the more money you can earn. If you are struggling with any part of Lashing, please contact me.

3. Use Quality Eyelash Extension Products.

Make sure you're using quality lash products; otherwise, it can be damaging to your client's eyes and detrimental to your business. ONLY use tried and tested reputable Eyelash Adhesives, not nail glue or any other type of adhesive.

4. Build Your Client Base.

Start by lashing around your full-time job, maybe, evenings and weekends. Fill your spare time with Lashing. It's a pain to start with, but it will get better. When you physically can't fit any more clients in your spare time, try and drop some hours at your main job so you can lash more. If this isn't possible or you feel like you can get more clients if you were available more of the time, its time to make the leap.

5. Do the Math.

How much do you earn at your main job? If you are paid a salary, divide your weekly/monthly salary by the number of hours you work. I would even include commuting time as its still your time going to and from work. You can earn £20-£30 per hour doing Classic Eyelash Extensions and £30-£45 per hour doing Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions and Hybrid Lashing. Now which job comes on top for hourly wages?

6. Go Full Time Lashing.

The first few months may be a struggle while you get, but if you've followed the above steps, you should be matching your earnings at your old job already. If not, don't worry, it's only a matter of time. Once you've become a Full-time Eyelash Extension Technician, you can fit more clients in the day, and then those clients go out and become your walking advertisement; referring you and bringing you more customers!

7. Build a Brand.

Set up a good brand and reputation from your clients. Post your work on social media (Facebook & Instagram). Don't be afraid to ask for reviews from your clients. Word of mouth is the best advertisement for Eyelash Extensions.

8. Get Organised.

Whether its a paper diary, a digital calendar or an online booking system. Make sure you are organised with your bookings. That goes for your paperwork also. Keep records and receipts for six years.

9. Get Legal.

As soon as you become self-employed, you should tell HMRC. The very latest you can register with HMRC is by 5 October after the end of the tax year during which you became self-employed. For example, if you started your business in June 2018, you would need to register with HMRC by 5 October 2019. Don't worry; it's easy. Just follow this link and fill out a form. https://www.gov.uk/set-up-sole-trader
If you are not confident with your accounts, you can employ a Bookkeeper or Accountant to set you up with HMRC and complete your annual self-assessment.

10. Enjoy working for yourself.

Use the freedom to work around the school run and childcare. Take time off when you want. You are your own boss. Happy Lashing.


One of my first students and best friend, Kirsty, was in this exact position when she started lashing. Once Kirsty passed her Eye Love Lashes Classic Eyelash Extension Course, she practised on friends and family hard. She soon began to build her clients up and was working part-time at Dunelm Retail Store, part-time Lashing, and raising a young family. Kirsty was terrified of leaving her security blanket at Dunelm to lash full time. We did some calculations together and quickly worked out it didn't take many clients to match her wages at Dunelm, so she did it and never looked back:

"Leaving my job was one of the scariest things I've ever done; however, it has hands down been the best decision I've ever made! With two children and a busy lifestyle, I can fit clients in and around school times etc. I am my boss, and I love my job! Thank you, Megan, Eye Love Lashes."
Kirtsy Wilkinson


Written by, Megan Thomas, Eye Love Lashes