About Megan Thomas, Eyelash Extensions

Megan Thomas founder of Eye Love Lashes became an Eyelash Technician in November 2015.

Megan Thomas Owner of Eye Love Lashes Eyelash Training

Sunday, April 8, 2018

“I had been having my lashes done for about a year and thinking what a great job my lash tech has! She rented a room worked for herself, working the hours that suited her and I thought this is a great idea! I can work from home, around my young family. An idea that wouldn't take long to set up and the cost wasn't too high to start off.

It was the best decision for me and my family and I have never looked back. It is a career that you can grow and excel in, the possibilities are endless”.

After 18 months of full time lashing, Megan enrolled in a training and education course that enabled her to teach others her passion.

“I felt my training wasn't adequate enough, a few of my friends and clients attended an eyelash extension course, all over the Midlands in hope to become a lash tech and said they said the same about the training they received, unfortunately, they didn't pursue that career as they lacked confidence. 

I really understood their frustrations and wanted to help, I decided I was going to become an eyelash extension trainer.

I will teach everything you need to know about being an Eyelash Technician and not just how to stick an extension on. I think anyone can teach those basics, what people really need to know is how to overcome common problems, helpful hints and tips, the way our products work, how to keep a happy client base and returning loyal customers!”