Cheap Eyelash Extensions

For the record, these are Cluster Lashes NOT Eye Love Lashes, Individual Eyelash Extensions!

cheap bad eyelash extensions

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Lately, I've seen a lot of adverts like this one above for "cheap eyelash extensions". Hopefully, the picture speaks for itself, and I don't need to tell you, ladies, to STAY WELL CLEAR! For those who are not sure about Eyelash Extensions, please read on.

I started Eye Love Lashes in 2015 to try and combat bad practices by "cheap beauty salons" that offer lashes like these pictured above. Eyelash Extensions now has a HUGE market for ladies, but there are a massive amount of lash artists and salons who are not properly trained or qualified to lash your beautiful eyes.

The main problem that arises is when your natural eyelashes are not being isolated 1:1. When eyelash extensions are glued on 2 or more natural lashes, as the natural lash grows, it pulls out multiple lashes as they are all stuck together, leaving gaps in your natural eyelashes.

Please do your research before booking an appointment to have eyelash extensions.

Things to ask or look out for:
How long does it take for a Full Set of Classics Eyelash Extensions?
It should take at least 1hr 30mins to 2 hrs to properly isolate and lash each eyelash.
How long does it take for a Full Set of Russians Volume Eyelash Extensions?
It should take 2.5 hours to 4 hours properly isolate and lash each eyelash and make their fans (not premade fans).

How much does the set cost?
I'm not saying all low priced technicians are bad or all higher priced technicians are competent, However, if someone is charging £14-£20 for a full set of classics, the likelihood is you are going to be paying for a poor job, which can lead to natural lash damage.
If you pay cheap, you pay twice!

Should my eyelash extensions hurt?
Lash extensions should not hurt! Not while they are being done or after they have been done. If your lashes hurt after lashing, then it is likely that the beautician has not isolated your natural lashes and stuck an extension to more than one natural lash. If your eye is stinging for a long time after having your eyelash extensions done and you can't open your eyes, you need to ensure that the beautician is using official Eyelash Adhesive and not something like Nail Glue which is dangerous (I have heard of this happening!)

Have a look at some pictures of their work and go to a lash technician who has been recommended.

Keep your eyes safe and beautiful.

Megan Thomas
Eye Love Lashes