Explicit Review of Eyelash Refresher Course

Warning: Bad language Eye Love Lashes review!

eye love lashes refresher course

Sunday, January 13, 2019

"After over a year of bleating on about “going back into lashes” I finally took the plunge 😂... I chose a refresher course with uuuu..... because ur the bestest lash tech and ur fit as fuck!!!!!.... little did we know I’d need totally retraining 🤣... all I thought I needed was a confidence boost really.. but as we quickly realised it wasn’t just the confidence I was lacking.. as the stupid dick that “taught” me was obviously on drugs!!! ... from holding the fucking tweezers upside down to glue bobbles..... she’d totally screwed me over... I’d been lashing incorrectly for three years!!!! I honestly thought I’d pick it up again quickly too... so was shocked when I couldn’t even isolate, never mind stick a lash on!!!! I learned loads... stuff I surely should’ve been told by the dick! Main points being:
How to hold tweezers
How to dip the lash in the glue
How to apply extension to natural properly🤪... all the fundamental things a lash tech should know really...

I actually panicked for the first hour.. 🤯...had to raid the chocolate box to stop my hands shaking..but slowly started isolating using the tweezers correctly and although I feel like I still need a lot of practice.. I’m now lashing correctly!!! U are an ace teacher mate... sooo knowledgeable and extremely patient!!! Meg for president 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌..... 🤣.... thank u so much 😘😘" 

Written by Liz Willday, Ashbourne. 

We thought about censoring this review, but where would be the fun in that. Liz is straight to the point and says it how it is and we thank you so much for your very kind review. Megan Thomas, Eye Love Lashes.