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Megan Thomas is passionate about the business of lashing!

Eye Love Lashes Eyelash extension course

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Megan Thomas founder of Eye Love Lashes Training began working full time as a lash technician in Nov 2015.

‘Apart from my absolute obsession with everything lash related, I got into training because of the lack of competent training providers. I have spoken to so many people who had taken the course but never ventured into it because they were lacking the confidence and the skills. They were going on a day course where even if they applied only one lash they were receiving a certificate at the end of it, with nowhere to go or to turn to for support they may as well have thrown their money down the drain’. 

When your training provider has been or is currently working as a lash technician, they understand all aspects of the job. They understand the frustrations of being a beginner, along with hints, tips and tricks help you overcome the trickiest of lashes!

When thinking about how I was going to run the course, I thought about what would have helped me back when I was on my course and that first couple of months going it alone. That's why when training with Eye Love Lashes, your training will always be with myself and one to one, I will work at your pace and to your learning style. Even when qualified I am always on the other end of the phone for advice, I have also set up a support group for all my previous students who are qualified or still on their Lash journey.