Russian Volume Lash Trays (0.07 mm) HALF PRICE



Megan Thomas Lash Academy, Russian Volume Eyelash Trays, have been sourced from the very finest Korean Synthetic Mink materials to create the Best Volume Eyelash Extensions.


These Mixed Length Lash Trays have 16 rows of the following row lengths: 7mm x 1 row, 8mm x 2 rows, 9mm x 3 rows, 10mm x 3 rows, 11mm x 3 rows, 12mm x 3 rows, 13mm x 1 row.


These individual Mixed Length Russian Volume eyelash trays are a fine 0.07mm thickness and are available from Megan Thomas Lash Academy in a D, C and CC Curl - Select Below


Those 0.07 mm volume lashes are effortless to make lash fans and have a larger 3 mm lash tape strip to remove and manipulate the individual lashes very easily.


Megan Thomas Lash Academy has spent years to find and endorsed these Russian Volume Lash Trays. You will not be disappointed creating your volume eyelash extensions with these individual eyelashes.


The product images are for illustration purposes only, and your delivered eyelash trays may be a different label but rest assured the same products for lashes are used.


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