Read on for our NEW Product Launch and Limited Time Offer.


The Platinum Eyelash Extension Glue has been key to a lot of our Lash Artists success over the years. The Platinum Lash Glue formula has certainly held its own against the Big Brands out there but is much less known about due to competing against huge marketing budgets.


We are a small family run business and pride ourselves in providing a personal service to all of our customers. This has been key to our success because we treat all of our customers with the time and one to one service that they deserve. Due to this, we have to make sure our products and services are spot-on as we don't have massive bank accounts for sales and marketing. We just rely on word of mouth!


Megan Thomas Lash Academy has been trading for six years and has used most eyelash product brands out there over that time. So we know what works and we know what is important to our customers. All of our products in the Lash Shop have been rigorously tested and compared to these big brands before we put our name to them. 


The Platinum Eyelash Glue has been formulated to work in a wide range of environments, temperatures and humidities. The adhesive has excellent retention for customer lashes of 5-6 weeks on average. It's black and has a low odour for fumes so it's comfortable for the lash artist while working. So what can improve you ask? 


Well, we have developed with our manufacturer the same Platinum Lash Glue but made it Faster! The Brand New, Platinum Plus+ Eyelash Glue has all the same qualities but now cures in 0.5 seconds. That's half the time of the Platinum. 


For those Lash Artists and Technicians that are lashing constantly and are well experienced. We would now recommend you try the new glue formula to speed up your lashing, in turn earning you more money. 


The Offers:


  • To help with this transfer, we've created a limited time offer for the Platinum Plus+ Lash Glue. If you order any glue, clear or black, you will get the Platinum Plus Half-Price! This is an automatic discount at the checkout, so no need for promo codes. 
  • On top of this great trial offer, we are currently offering 10% off our Platinum Lash Glue, 10% off all our Individual Lash Trays and Half Price Russian Volume Lash Trays. 


With just FOUR Weeks left before we can start working again, get shopping, buy some fresh glues and get practising before we all are back in business. 


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