Are you looking to become a qualified eyelash technician? There are tonnes of opportunities in salons as well as your own business in this sector. The use of lash extensions is growing each year, according to Glamour magazine there was a 795% increase in searches for Russian Lashes in 2019, and this is set to increase more and more. Megan Thomas Lashes offers eyelash extensions training in Derby, Maidstone and Nottingham, get in touch if you are looking to get professionally trained. Whether you are looking to add this skill set to your salon or just want to learn to do it yourself, this post will give you some tips on getting started.


What is an eyelash technician?

An eyelash technician specialised in treatments that improve the look of a client’s lashes. A technician can do a number of treatments including eyelash extensions, lash tinting, lash perming treatments and more. Using advanced techniques to make a client’s lashes look fuller, longer and overall tailored to whatever their customer is looking for. It’s important for an eyelash technician to have a steady hand and a very good eye for details as the process of applying lashes needs to be very precise when you are dealing with people’s eyes, you need to be extremely careful. The process of applying lashes can take anywhere from 1 – 4 hours depending on the treatment the client wants, the technician will add pretreatment to then carefully fix each lash. Generally, your lash extensions can last between 3 weeks and 2 months, depending on how well the client looks after them. Learn about becoming an eyelash technician on our lash resources page.


Why become an eyelash technician?

Becoming a qualified eyelash technician will set you above your competitors in your area that isn’t qualified. Having an official certification will show your clients that you have done the training and are ready to give a professional service, increasing the income you can earn. Eyelash extensions have become a very in-demand skill so you will most likely be in profit quickly once you are qualified.


How to become an eyelash technician in the UK

Technically speaking you don’t need any license to start doing eyelash extensions in the UK but this does not mean you don’t need to be qualified to do it. The first thing you should think about is the well-being of your clients so proper training and qualifications are the first steps. Causing damage to someone's eyes is a real risk when it comes to eyelash extensions. Multiple types of glue are used and sharp tweezers are in very sensitive parts of someone's body. This could mean legal action against you if you harm someone, you need public liability insurance. In order to get the insurance you will need proof of qualifications, this protects you against any claims made against you.

Getting the legal stuff out of the way, and becoming an eyelash technician is a great addition to your portfolio of skills and a good way of getting into the beauty industry. In order to become an eyelash technician in the UK you need to take an eyelash extension training course by an accredited training provider. Here at Megan Thomas Lashes, we are fully qualified and accredited in eyelash extensions, with courses available in Derby, Maidstone and Nottingham.

Any good eyelash technician should be qualified in a number of different eyelash extension techniques. Another key part of this service is being personable, and able to put the client at ease and hold a conversation! Many eyelash technicians start their journey into the beauty world by working at the salon, you can then get more clients by getting more qualifications in different areas like eyelash extensions.


What is involved in eyelash training?

Eyelash extension training involves going through everything you need to know about how to safely apply for eyelash extensions. It requires a steady hand and a set of skills that can only be acquired with proper training. A course with Megan Thomas Lash Academy is personalised and one-on-one so there are no classrooms, and a relaxed and comfortable environment so you feel comfortable at every step. We take you through the theory behind it, using dummy heads as well as live model training. We also provide ongoing support once you have completed the training if you have any questions, as well as this, included are our classic & Russian lash course training kits. Once completed you will have all the skills and qualifications you need to start doing eyelash extensions for real clients.

Megan Thomas Lash Academy has been training eyelash extension courses since 2015. Experts in lashes, we strive to teach qualified beauticians and beginners alike the best lashing techniques and best lash practices to keep your clients in safe hands. Our fully accreditated and insured lash training courses, and lash lift and tint training courses range from novice lash training to advanced lash training for qualified lash technicians. So whether you are starting up an eyelash extensions business or you own or work in a beauty salon, we have a lash course for your needs to capitalise on this huge share of the beauty market, lashes!


How much do eyelash technicians get paid?

Eyelash technicians are very in demand at the moment, they help people feel their best and they are willing to pay for this service. Whether you’re working in a salon or doing your own at-home or mobile service you can make around £30 an hour doing eyelash extensions. This is the average price, but you can of course adjust this depending on your area or client base. A great benefit to being an eyelash technician is that you can work whenever you like, you don’t have to work 9 – 5 to make a good income!

We hope that you have all the information you need in order to become an eyelash technician in the UK. There are huge benefits to getting training in eyelash extensions, and the training is relatively cheap. We have a 5-star rating on Google based on 89 reviews so Megan Thomas Lashes is trusted by all of the customers that use us for their eyelash extension training. Get in touch if you want more information, and click here to learn more about the eyelash extensions training that we offer.



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