New Curl On The Block, M Curl Lash


Do you want to know the best thing about the M curl lashes, in my opinion? Its versatility!


M curl eyelashes are a softer curl than the L/L+ curl. If you were to look at the M curl lash from the side on it resembles a tick.


Its base is straight with a soft transition into a c curl eyelash extension. The straight base allows the lash extension to be fully adhered to the natural lash, therefore, gaining better retention.


I feel this can give a dramatic and subtle look depending on how you use it quite! it can be used to make a less dramatic look by mixing with a B curl on inner corners and keeping the length short. 


I like to use the M Curl Eyelash Extensions on clients who have:


  • Straight/downward facing lashes as it gives an instant lift
  • Large lid space to fill the space without adding too much weight with longer lengths)
  • Clients with hooded eyes due to its long straight bash it brings the curl out and up over the hood, giving the illusion it's not there!
  • Eyes that droop sometimes adding extensions to the outer corner can make the eyes seem more droopy. Adding the M curl eyelashes at the outer corners lifts the lash upward, rather than sweeping which can droop the eye more.


The M curl Eyelash Extensions creates a fab cat eye, Kim K style and kitten eye. Try them now


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