Discover the art of eyelash extensions with the premier lash training courses at Megan Thomas Lash Academy. Offering a variety of courses including Classic, Russian, Hybrid Eyelash Extension Training, and Lash Lift Eyelash Training Courses, Megan Thomas Lash Academy empowers students with quality training and all necessary lash tools. Experience the exceptional success rate and join our thriving community of successful lash technicians.


Welcome to Megan Thomas Lash Academy, the ultimate destination for mastering the art of eyelash extensions.


With our comprehensive range of eyelash extensions training courses, our Academy provides the perfect platform for budding lash artists to ignite their careers.


Features of Megan Thomas Lash Academy: Redefining the Art of Lash Extension Training


At Megan Thomas Lash Academy, our features revolve around providing comprehensive, cutting-edge eyelash extension training, tailored to equip our students with the skills needed to excel in the lash industry.


  • Broad Spectrum of Lash Courses

Our Academy offers a range of in-depth lash courses designed to meet the unique needs and interests of our students. From the foundational Classic Lash Training Course to the more advanced Russian and Hybrid Eyelash Extension Training Courses, our curriculum covers it all. We also offer Lash Lift and Tint courses and specialised straight-to-volume lash training, ensuring that our students are well-versed in a broad range of lash extension techniques.


  • Award-winning Instructors

Our courses are led by award-winning lash artists who bring their practical expertise and in-depth knowledge to the classroom. This hands-on approach allows our students to learn directly from professionals who are masters of their craft, thereby ensuring top-quality education in all things eyelash extensions.


  • One-to-One Training and Group Sessions

Understanding the need for personalised attention in mastering lash techniques, we provide one-to-one lash courses that cater to individual learning paces and styles. In addition, our group sessions foster an interactive learning environment, allowing students to learn and grow together.


  • Comprehensive Training Tools

Megan Thomas Lash Academy is not only dedicated to teaching lash artistry but also ensures that our students have access to the highest quality lash tools and products. Our comprehensive training includes the provision of essential lash extensions products such as the best lash glues, clear eyelash adhesive, and eyelash extension trays.


  • Flexibility and Accessibility

To ensure that everyone has an opportunity to learn, we offer flexible training options. With training centres in Derby, Nottingham, and Maidstone, Kent, you can find a course that aligns with your schedule and location preferences. We also extend our training to beauty colleges as an authorised lash course provider.

Advantages of Choosing Megan Thomas Lash Academy: Where Top Quality Training Meets Flexibility


Since our inception in 2015, we've become renowned experts in all thing’s eyelash extensions. Beyond our reputation, what sets us apart is the flexibility of our training options. Whether you're in Derby, Nottingham, or Maidstone, Kent, you can take advantage of our one-to-one lash courses or participate in our sessions at local beauty colleges, where we are an authorised lash course provider. Not only that, but we also supply all the necessary eyelash extension products and tools. From the best lash glues and clear eyelash adhesive to eyelash extension trays, we equip you with everything you need to succeed in your chosen course. Here's why we stand out:


  • High Success Rate

One of the defining advantages of choosing Megan Thomas Lash Academy is our proven track record of success. Our students not only gain a comprehensive understanding of eyelash extensions but also become competent lash technicians, ready to make their mark in the industry. The high success rate of our students demonstrates the effectiveness of our courses and the quality of our training.


  • Access to Expertise

At Megan Thomas Lash Academy, students learn from the best. Our award-winning instructors bring their expertise and industry insights into every lesson, giving students a unique opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals. This means that students not only learn the techniques, but also gain insights into the industry, customer service, and running a successful lash business.


  • Wide Range of Courses

Whether you're a beginner looking to start a new career or an experienced lash technician seeking to upgrade your skills, our extensive range of lash courses caters to all levels of experience. We offer a variety of courses, including classic lash, Russian and hybrid, lash lift and tint, and straight-to-volume lash training. This flexibility allows students to choose the course that best suits their career goals and skill level.


  • End-to-End Training

Our courses are comprehensive, covering both theory and practice. Moreover, we provide all the necessary eyelash extension products and tools, which means that our students can start practicing right away, without any additional expense. This holistic approach to training ensures that our students are fully equipped to start their lash business.



Experience Unmatched Benefits: Realise Your Dream of Becoming a Successful Lash Technician with Megan Thomas Lash Academy


Our courses are not just about training; they are about crafting successful lash technicians. We have an impressive success rate, with many of our students establishing thriving businesses post their training. Our courses pave the way for you to kickstart a fulfilling career, whether you're a working mum, a student, or simply looking to start a new chapter in your life. At Megan Thomas Lash Academy, we are passionate about helping our students realise their dreams of becoming successful lash technicians. The benefits of training with us go beyond the classroom, offering a transformative experience that fosters professional growth and development.


  • Build a Successful Business

Our comprehensive eyelash extension training courses are the stepping stones to building a successful business in the beauty industry. The skills and techniques you learn here will not only make you a competent lash technician but also equip you with the knowledge to set up and run your lash business successfully.


  • Credible Certification

Upon completion of our courses, you will receive a certificate of completion that validates your skill set in the field of lash extensions. This accreditation from Megan Thomas Lash Academy, a respected institution in the industry, adds credibility to your professional profile, boosting your chances of attracting more clientele and expanding your business.


  • Continued Support and Guidance

Our relationship with students extends beyond the completion of the course. Megan Thomas Lash Academy is committed to offering continued support and guidance to our graduates, aiding them in navigating the challenges of the beauty industry and growing their businesses.


  • Hands-on Experience

Our courses offer a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, providing you with hands-on training that's crucial for mastering the art of lash extensions. This practical experience under the supervision of award-winning lash artists ensures that you are fully prepared for the real-world demands of being a lash technician.


  • Access to High-Quality Products

As part of our commitment to quality training, we provide students with access to high-quality lash products and tools, ensuring that you are well-equipped to offer the best services to your clients.


  • Join a Community

When you enrol in our courses, you become a part of the Megan Thomas Lash Academy community. This network of professionals offers a platform for collaboration, learning, and growth, providing a sense of belonging and an opportunity for continuous professional development.



Hear from Our Students: Celebrating Success at Megan Thomas Lash Academy


Don't just take our word for it. Let our students' testimonials attest to the quality and effectiveness of our courses. With an overwhelming number of positive reviews, our students' success stories highlight the real-life benefits and transformative potential of our lash courses.


  • Abi Buller shares her delightful experience, praising the quality of our course, and the knowledgeable and patient mentorship of Megan. She encapsulates her experience by saying, "Megan was brilliant!! Such a good course, she was very patient and knowledgeable in a relaxed environment 😊 Thanks Megan".


  • Meanwhile, Amanda Bonsall sheds light on the welcoming and friendly environment fostered at our academy, which helped boost her confidence in her lash extension skills. Amanda warmly mentions, "Megan was super friendly and chatting from start to finish. Made me feel really welcome and I love my lashes! I had a hybrid infill and they're lovely and fluffy! Thank you, Megan 🙏🏻".


  • Imogen Meakin, a former student, absolutely cherished every minute of her time at Megan Thomas Lash Academy. She expresses her gratitude by saying, "I did a lash course with Megan on Monday and Wednesday, I absolutely loved every min of it, thank you so much for teaching me x".


  • Hannah Prosser highlights the supportive and productive learning atmosphere at Megan Thomas Lash Academy, stating, "I did 2 lash courses with Megan. She was so kind and supportive, whilst also helping you to achieve the best results possible in your work!"


  • Finally, Charlotte Vernon credits her improved lash technique and boosted confidence to the effective mentoring she received at our academy. She highly recommends Megan Thomas Lash Academy, stating, "Amazing mentoring session with Megan yesterday! She really helped improve my lash technique and confidence! I would 1000% recommend her xxx".


These testimonials are just a glimpse of the numerous success stories our academy is proud to share. To read more about our students' rewarding journey at Megan Thomas Lash Academy, visit our Google Reviews page:


At Megan Thomas Lash Academy, we don't just provide a course; we shape careers. With our top-quality training, flexible courses, and a thriving community of successful lash technicians, we provide an unparalleled lash training experience. It's your turn to be part of this transformative experience. Join us and let your success story be the next one we celebrate.


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