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Award Winning Lashes by Megan Thomas, Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Eye Love Lashes eyelashes

Award-Winning Lashes by Megan Thomas Lash Academy.

Classic Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions, also known as Individual Lashes or 1:1

  • £55 for a full set
  • £45 for a four-week infill
  • £35 for a three-week infill
  • £25 for a two-week infill

Classic one on one eyelash extensions are perfect for a natural fuller eyelash look and save you time and money applying mascara. Our classic lashes last up to a month depending on how you treat them. We recommend having 2-3 week infills to keep that fuller look.

The absolute utmost importance here at Eye Love Lashes is safety and outstanding service. Only the highest quality products are used including Eye Love Lashes own branded lash extensions. With classic sets we have a strict one extension to one natural lash, therefore we do not offer cluster lashes, party or express sets like this over time can cause permanent damage to the natural lash.

Using bespoke curls, thicknesses and length that your lash can withstand and to suit your eye shape, there is no reason why anyone at any age cannot have the luxury of having them. Using the minutest amount of adhesive a synthetic lash is attached to a natural lash, this process is repeated up to 120 times on each eye. 

We pride ourselves here at Eye Love Lashes on lashing 80%-100% of your natural lashes, therefore, giving a fuller look than you can get elsewhere and keep them looking fuller for longer. Unfortunately, there are many technicians who through poor training and bad technique are, unbeknown to their clients, damaging their natural lashes.

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions 2-6D, also known as Russian Volume, RuVol, or xD.

  • £75 for a full set (application time, 2-3 hours)
  • £55 for a two-hour infill
  • £45 for a one & half hour infill
  • £35 for a one hour infill

Russian volume lashes are the latest trend to take the lash industry by storm. The number 2D, 3D, 4D etc indicates how many extensions are placed on a natural lash. Well, what about lash safety I hear you cry…. don’t worry, the type of lash we used is much much thinner than what we use for classic sets. From 0.03mm-0.07mm diameter.

Russian volume is meant for adding volume rather than length. They are lighter and fluffier perfect for clients with sparse lashes, older clientele or clients who love the more dramatic look.

Russian volume is an extremely advanced technique that takes hours and hours of practice that only a skilled technician can offer. Here at Eye Love Lashes, we do not use pre-made fans, all our fans are handmade at the time of application using specialised hand-tested tweezers. Eye Love Lashes were trained in Russian Volume by award-winning, international lash artist.

Hybrid Lashes, also known as Mixed Set or Kim K Lashes

These are fast becoming the must-have lashes of 2018, a mix of classic and volume lashes produce what is called Hybrid lashes.

  • £65 for a full set
  • £55 for a four-week infill
  • £45 for a three-week infill
  • £35 for a two-week infill