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Eyelash Extensions FAQ - Click on a question

Eyelash extensions are synthetic lashes that are hand-glued by a professional technician, on top of your natural eyelashes. Using eyelash adhesive (lash glue), one lash (Classic) or a lash fan (Russian) is added to each of your natural lashes to create a more extended, fuller look. These lashes will be bonded until your natural lash sheds.

The benefits of having eyelash extensions are ease. I wake every up every morning, and I'm ready, I'm done. There is no need to use mascara which throughout the day would end up flaking getting and black on your cheeks. My clients love having eyelash extensions because it gives them confidence and makes them feel good. They are perfect for holidays where you need effortless glam every day. No matter how much your mascara says it is waterproof, it will smudge or give you panda eyes in a swimming pool, so lash extensions are the perfect solution as you can swim with them on without any side effects. Ultimately they have maximum impact with minimum effort. 

Eyelash extensions have a benefit over strip lashes also. As lash extensions don't come in a strip, they are applied to each natural eyelash, it makes them super customisable to your eyes and face structure and actually looks real.

How long your lashes lasts depends on your lash cycle. Every person will have a different lash cycle. When your eyelash extensions are applied will determine how long they last and where you are in your lash cycle. It also depends on how well your aftercare is if you look after your lashes well your extensions will last longer. This means regularly cleaning your lash extensions and attending infill appointments.

Most Lash Artists charge for their time so the longer you leave it between having fill-ins, the more lashes you'll need to replace and the more it's going to cost. If you take too long before having an infill, then your technician may have to give you a new full set of eyelash extensions.

A set of Classic Lashes can take anything from 1.5 - 2.5 hours. For Russian Volume, a set can take anything from 2 - 4 hours, dependant on whether you are providing a light 2D set or more volumes 6D set of lash fans.

It's also dependent on how many natural lashes the client has. Whether the technician is placing an extension on every lash and how much experience the lash tech has. Be cautious of fast lashing salons or too good to be true offers.

Classic Lashes are one single synthetic lash that is applied to one natural eyelash. Your technician should choose the thickness and length. They will take into consideration the thickness of your natural eyelash to ensure a safe weight is used that will not damage your natural lashes. That can be anything from a 0.10mm- 0.20mm. They will also look at your face and eye shape to ensure the right style to suit you. 


Russian Volume Eyelashes are a much finer synthetic extension that is using a technique with specialised tweezers, that your technician will make into a lash fan between two lashes (2D lashes) or higher like five or seven lashes (5D - 7D lashes).


Hybrid Lashes are simply a mixture between the above two. If your Lash Tech is Russian Volume trained, they can create a set of eyelash extensions mixing one lash per natural eyelash and eyelash fans on each natural lash. 


We can create a variety of looks using Russian Lashes and Hybrid Eyelash as we can create a different number of lashes per fan for lighter sets or more of a dramatic fuller look tailored for each client.

Lash Extensions are NOT the same as strip lashes.
Classic, Hybrid and Russian Volume Lashes are hand made and applied individually to each of your natural eyelashes one by one. Strip lashes are placed on the eyelids using a different type of glue to the one used for eyelash extensions. These can be reused roughly up to 10 times.

Cluster lashes are pre-made fans held together by pre-bonded glue at the base of the fan. This fan is then glued onto the natural eyelashes without any isolation technique, therefore glueing multiple eyelashes together at once causing damage to the natural lashes. 


Express Lashing is similar, but instead of pre-made fans, individual lashes are applied to your eyelashes also without isolation, therefore glueing your natural eyelashes together, causing damage to your natural eyelashes. 


We highly recommend you avoid both cluster and express lashing! It can be very painful when your natural eyelashes are glued together and will irritate your eyes, maybe causing infection and will damage your natural eyelashes. 

Eyelash extensions, when applied by an experienced eyelash technician using proper equipment and eyelash adhesive do not damage your natural lash.


Your technician will correctly isolate your lashes, use safe weight and length of eyelash extension for the natural lash. The lash extension is placed 0.5 mm - 1 mm away from the base of the natural lash, taking care not to set the extension on the skin or halfway up the lash. 


When applied, the correct aftercare should be given to the client to ensure they look after their lashes. That is key to long-lasting extensions.

Firstly make sure that your lash technician has the relevant qualifications in Classic or Russian Volume eyelash extension techniques. Check they are insured with a recognised accredited body with public liability insurance. Check out their work and most importantly, reviews


Find out how long a set takes them gives you a good indication as to whether they are going to be lashing and isolating every natural lash. If they tell you it's going to take an hour for a full set, they are probably going to be doing cluster or express lashing as opposed to individual eyelash extensions to every isolated natural eyelash.


When contacting a Lash Tech, ask them what ingredients are in their eyelash adhesive. If they can not answer the question, do not make an appointment. Make sure they do not use any other glue than specific eyelash glue. Do not use eyelash adhesives with Formaldehyde which are known to caused red, itchy swollen eyes. Choose a Lash Technician that uses Cyanoacrylate as the main ingredient in the eyelash glue as it is less toxic to the eyes. 


I know it may seem daunting questioning these salons about their practices, but you are entirely in your rights, and you do not want inexperienced staff sticking things to your eyelids. It may cost you a little more to find a reputable, experienced eyelash technician, but your eyes are precious and deserve careful treatments. Be cautious of fast lashing salons or too good to be true offers. 

Yes, it does matter what eyelash adhesive the lash technician uses as the eyelash glue must be an EU regulated. It also needs to be an adhesive specifically made for eyelash extensions. Do not use eyelash adhesives with Formaldehyde which are known to caused red, itchy swollen eyes. Choose a tech that uses Cyanoacrylate as the main ingredient in the eyelash glue as it is less toxic to the eyes.

How much you pay for your lashes depends on the area you live in and the experience of the technician you choose. Lashes do vary in price. That doesn't mean cheap lashes are rubbish and expensive lashes are the best! You have to do your research. We recommend you have an infill every 2-3 weeks. Because our natural lashes grow and shed, those extensions then need replacing.

You will not know what lengths, thickness or curls to have, that will be decided on your consultation or the day of your treatment. It is best if you don't have a style in mind as what you can have heavily depended on your natural lashes and what it can handle.

When you choose an experienced Lash Artist, they will select a set that complements your face and eye shape. Having lashes that are too thick or long for your natural eyelashes could damage them and will not last as long.

No! Please do not turn up to your appointment wearing makeup. It takes time away from your slot that your technician could be doing your lashes. We also want them thoroughly cleaned so that the glue adheres to your lash and not to makeup or dirt residue.

We recommend you don't wear liquid eyeliner or mascara with eyelash extensions as they can contain oils that break down the eyelash glue bonds. If you do want to wear mascara or eyeliner, there are products on the market that are made specifically for eyelash extensions. We also recommend removing any eye make up with specially made lash shampoo as this won't affect the retention of the lashes.

Yes, you can absolutely swim and shower with lash extensions; in fact, it is excellent for them. Lash extensions need to be kept nice and clean to preserve the natural lash healthy and maintain the best retention. Please leave it 24 hours for your lash extensions to fully cue before getting them wet. 

Yes, you can and should wash your eyes when wearing eyelash extensions. It is advised that you regularly clean your lash extensions with a dedicated lash cleanser, your lash technician with advice you upon the best one to use. Please leave it 24 hours for your lash extensions to fully cue before getting them wet.

Lash brushing not only helps keep the lashes looking tremendous it also dislodges any lashes that are entwined around another. It will also fluff up those lashes keeping them looking fresh, along with cleaning them too!

Wash wash wash! Avoid mascara and liquid eyeliner. Do not pull pick or play with the lashes. The more you touch your eyelash extensions, the more likely they are to fall out as the natural oils within our skin will break down the bonds of the glue. Don't rub your eyes. Try and avoid sleeping on your front. Avoid saunas, steam rooms and sunbeds for at least 24 hours after your treatment. Avoid oil-based makeup remover. Use a silk pillow.

Now, this is where the answer is varied! So, it all depends on what insurance company your technician uses. Some insurance companies require us to patch test where others do not. If you think you may have had an allergic reaction to the eyelash adhesive in the past, then I would advise you ask your technician for a patch test. 


If you do have a patch test, it needs to be placed directly on your eyelashes to give an accurate reading as to whether you are allergic or not. The eyelash adhesive patch test should NOT be applied to the skin.

Unfortunately not (sad face). In every eyelash adhesive bottle, there are variations of the same ingredient. Cyanoacrylate and carbon (which makes the glue black) are the ingredients that you could be or become allergic. Therefore no matter what eyelash adhesive is used, it will contain one or both of those ingredients.


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