D Curl Classic Lash Trays



Megan Thomas Lash Academy, Classic Eyelash Trays of Premium Synthetic Mink Lashes. 


Megan Thomas Lashes has tried and tested countless brands and manufacturers of lashes, and these Lash Trays are the winners! The Individual lashes are light and flexible with a subtle sheen. They have micropores in the surface to help lash adhesives bond well letting you create the best eyelash extensions for your clients.


The Megan Thomas Lash Trays are better valued with 16 Strip Rows of each eyelash length in every tray. Choose Between:

  • C, CC, D, Curls Lashes
  • 0.15, 0.20, Thicknesses Lashes
  • Singles Lengths Lashes, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm
  • Mixed Length Lash Trays
  • See our 3rd product picture for a diagram explaining the above


The perfect combination for the Best Classic Eyelash Extensions.


  • C Curl Lashes are curly for an extra lift on straight natural eyelashes. 
  • CC Curl Lashes are very curly for a dramatic appearance and can be used on straight or curly natural eyelashes.
  • D Curl are super curly when an extreme effect is called for! Can be used on straight or curly natural eyelashes. 


The advice from our best technicians is to use various lengths "It's all about layering and filling with smaller lashes once you have set your frame with the larger lashes, not always lots of longer, thick lashes."


The product images are for illustration purposes only, and your delivered eyelash trays may be a different label but rest assured the same products for lashes are used. 


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