Back in 2015 is when my lash journey began. I was working in childcare at the time, but with my two boys off to school, I felt it was time for a change, something I could work around the children. I booked myself on a lash course, handed my notice in and never looked back!


Eyelash extensions really took off for me. From the very beginning I was booked up with people wanting their lashes done, luckily for me, at that time lash extensions were a relatively new thing. Not only did I love lashing, but it was also amazing to make people feel so good about themselves. I have made so many great friendships over the years due to lashing. When you see the same person every two weeks for years, you build an incredible bond. You get so much job satisfaction as you know how much you are appreciated! 


With my lash career booming, people began asking my advice on how to start up their own lash business. A few people I knew had gone on a lash course, they told me they went away feeling deflated and lacking confidence as they didn't feel their training was adequate enough. They were sent away with a certificate on the day, but no backup support. That was when I looked into how to become an eyelash extension trainer. 


Being a full-time eyelash extension technician, I experienced the frustration that came with being a beginner. I could teach others to build a successful eyelash extension business. I would be able to answer the questions that we commonly are faced with as a lash technician and how to overcome most hurdles. As I had all that experience under my belt, I really felt this was an area within the eyelash training industry I could excel at. Two years later, I enrolled at college to do my Level 3 Training, and Education Diploma and Megan Thomas Lash Academy were born. 


Not long after I received my teaching certificate from college, I had my first ever student. I was nervous, but and it was absolutely amazing to teach! I couldn't believe I could enjoy my job any more than I already did. Sharing all my lash knowledge, encouraging people to follow their dreams and getting my teeth into something new was so rewarding. I have now taught hundreds of students, and I am so satisfied to see their business's thriving and proud to maintain those relationships. I feel privileged that many of Megan Thomas Lash Academy students return to enrol on other courses and keep their skill up to date.


In 2017 I enrolled on a Russian Volume course with a UK award-winning trainer. It took me a good two years and another mentoring session to really nail my techniques. Russain Volume Eyelash Extensions are not for the faint-hearted. Haha.


Pushing myself further, in 2018, I entered my first Lash Competition and came first place in the expert classic category! Lashbase Jamie Butler got in touch and published an interview with me, which I have to say is one of the highlights of my lash career! 


The Megan Thomas Lashes journey has started from just lashing for myself, to teaching students to start their own businesses, researching and sourcing eyelash extension products to use and share with my students. Now I was to expand our Lash Academy to different areas of the country.


 It has taken lots of blood, sweat, tears, and money invested from myself and my husband Gavin, who has been my biggest supporter. He encourages me and gives me a kicked up the ass when I need it. That has got us to where we are now. 


Gavin does all the things that I detest. He works on the accounts, marketing, customer orders and website work. Gavin has the thankless job of ordering a thousand different eyelash products for me to test and say "no, they're crap, put them in the no pile!". He helped put my courses together, design our website with our dear friend Paul Seal from CodeShare, who has been a godsend for us! 


We also run an online shop stocking all products I have tried, tested and love. My husband is in charge of packing and posting all those products out to you; he is so organised, and he doesn't trust me to do it right. Haha.

That's how my business went from little old me lashing to our small family run business.


I had a new Lash Room built at home that took me out of the dining room to my very own lash space, which I was in for about 5 minutes before COVID-19 lockdown!


Five years on and my business is still growing. My gorgeous, beautiful, loyal clients, word of mouth and reviews keep my business growing strong, so thank you all for that xx. 


Now I cannot imagine doing anything else. Lashing and teaching others to become Eyelash Technicians is my absolute passion. I am so thankful to do something that I love, and it really doesn't feel like work… apart from when Gavin asks to be to write a blog ;)


Our new milestone is the launch of our brand new Megan Thomas Lash Academy website that Gavin and Paul have worked really hard on. I'm so thankful to both of them. 


Megan Thomas Lash Academy now has a new educator, Anna London, teaching our courses in the south of England. Later in the year, we will have an educator in Nottingham so keep your eyes peeled. 


I would love to do another competition, so that is my goal for later in the year!


Stay safe everyone, thanks for getting to know me!


Lots of love, Megan Thomas xx


Megan Thomas, founder of Megan Thomas Lash Academy


Megan is grateful for the success of her business and is passionate about lashing and teaching others. She attributes her continued growth to her beautiful, loyal clients, word of mouth, and positive reviews.


Megan Thomas Lash Academy is a professional eyelash extension training and certification program founded by Megan Thomas, a recognized and accomplished expert in the eyelash industry. The Academy offers in-depth, hands-on training and certification courses in classic and volume eyelash extensions, as well as lash lifts, tinting, and aftercare. Their training program covers everything from fundamental techniques to advanced level styling and design. In addition, the academy provides ongoing support and continuing education opportunities to help their graduates advance their skills and stay up-to-date with industry developments. The Megan Thomas Lash Academy also operates a Lash Shop, where they sell high-quality eyelash extension products, supplies, and tools to support their students and graduates in their businesses. The Lash Shop offers a wide range of products, including lashes, adhesives, aftercare products, and much more. Additionally, the academy provides eyelash extension treatments to clients, allowing them to put their training into practice and showcase their skills. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced professional, Megan Thomas Lash Academy provides the training, support, and resources you need to excel in the eyelash industry.


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