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Megan Thomas Lash Shop. UK Supplier of lash products (eyelash products). Our Eyelash Trays have more lashes than our competitors; 16 strips per lash tray, each strip has up to 300 individual lashes, so that’s approximately 4,800 individual lashes in one lash tray. They come in; single length lashes, mixed length lashes, D Curl Lash Tray, C Curl Lash Tray & CC Curl Lash Trays.
Megan Thomas Eyelash Shop has tried & tested dozens of eyelash glues and we only recommend, use and sell these Eyelash Adhesives (Lash Glues). Eyelash Adhesive Platinum, Eyelash Adhesive Gold. Lash Shop, supplier of eyelash products.