Megan Thomas Lash Academy is celebrating over 7 years of eyelash extensions training. We've provided hundreds of lash courses over the years and continuously supported our lash course students throughout their business journeys. 


It's good to remember my original lash business vision all those years ago. I decided to make an impact on the eyelash extensions training industry after seeing so many lashing nightmares. The eyes are precious and delicate organs that need to be taken care of and respected. 


My vision was to take on the mass market classroom-style lash training that pop up across the country. These lash courses are with lots of students all together and by the end of the day, you get your certificate whether you know what you're doing or not. 


I also wanted to educate lash beauticians on safe practices and more importantly using the correct lash glues. You wouldn't believe how many places have used nail glue on the eyes! It is also common bad practice not to isolate the natural eyelash and glue eyelash extensions across multiple eyelashes causing itching, pain and natural eyelash loss when they grow out. 


Megan Thomas's eyelash training courses are now well respected in the lash industry and highly reviewed on Google and Facebook by lash students. 


Now we're coming through the other side of COVID, I want to have a new call to action on my original lash business vision. If you are a beauty college, a beauty salon or just and self-employed beautician. Get yourself or your staff educated with new eyelash extension skills. Please visit my course page and contact me with any questions you have on learning eyelash extensions or lash courses in Derby, Maidstone or Nottingham.


A little bit about us:


Megan Thomas Lash Courses specialise in Classic Lash Training Courses, Russian Eye Lash Extensions Courses, Hybrid Eyelash extensions training courses and Lash Training Courses and Lash Lift Eyelash Training Courses. 


Megan Thomas Lash Academy has been training lash technicians since 2015. Experts in all Eyelash Extensions and award-winning lash artistry. We offer one-to-one lash courses in Derby and Lash Training Centres in Nottingham and Maidstone, Kent. 


Megan Thomas Lash Academy supplies all eyelash extensions products and the best lash glues, clear eyelash adhesive and eyelash extension lash tray and lash tools. 


44 Shaldon Drive, Derby, DE23 6HY, East Midlands