Classic Lash Training with Megan Thomas lashes is a professional 1 2 1 course. Classic Eyelash Extensions otherwise known as Individual Lashes 1:1 are simply a lash technique that applies one false eyelash to one of your natural eyelashes. Classic lashes are perfect for clients who would like to save time and money by not having to apply mascara every day. Classic eyelashes have less weight on your natural lashes by applying one false eyelash onto one of your natural individual lashes. Classics give a full but natural look to your lashes. You can view all courses here

Classic lashes last up to a month, depending on how you treat them. We recommend having 2-3 week classic lash infills to maintain that fuller lashes look.


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Classic Lash Training Courses near me


Here at Megan Thomas Lashes, this is one of our best-selling courses, you will be taught the most popular techniques used by many lash technicians. This technique is used to enhance the look of your natural lash, giving the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. You will learn how to apply and remove lashes, as well as adapt the lashes to each customer's individual eye. You will have 1 2 1 training, giving you a very personal experience, this will give you the confidence to start applying lashes to your customers.

When training with us on the Classic Lash training course, you will be practicing on a dummy head so it will feel like a real client. You will also have a live model during the course too.


Classic Lash Training in Derby

Megan Thomas Lashes has been training eyelash extensions since 2015, we can teach you to become an expert in lash extensions, helping you become a qualified beautician. The classic lash training course in Derby is fully accredited and insured. One of the benefits that stands out with this classic lash training course is that it’s not done in a classroom with many other people doing the same things, meaning you will get dedicated 1 2 1 training. We can focus on you and only you!

This course runs in Derby at our training studio.

We also have ongoing support after your course is complete. We don’t just leave you once you are done, if you have any questions or need some advice, we are just a phone call away.


How to book your classic lash training course

You can book your classic lash training course via this link (, the course costs £325 but you need to pay a £50 deposit, the rest is payable on the lash training day. Every eyelash course at Megan Thomas Lash Academy is solely on a one-to-one basis. Providing a treatment so close to the eye requires exceptional support from your training provider. We fully understand that every student learns at a different level and pace, so we cater the course to the individual student. 

If you miss the date without letting us know then your deposit is not refundable.

If you have any questions before booking then please get in touch via our contact page, or call or WhatsApp message us, you can find all of the details at the bottom of the page!


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What qualification will I receive? 

When case studies have been passed with our ongoing support and advice, you will receive a Nationally Recognised Diploma Certificate in Semi-Permanent Individual Eyelash Extensions accredited by Associated Beauty Therapists (ABT). This not only demonstrates your commitment to the training but also allows you to obtain Public Liability Insurance so you can start offering treatments to paying clients.


What are the benefits of doing our classic lash training course?

According to the report from Grand View Research, the number of people using eyelash extensions is rapidly increasing. The market for false eyelashes will register a 5.4% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) over 2019 – 2025. Meaning that year on year the number of people using lash extensions is going higher and higher each year, so the demand is continuing to go up. It will be a great investment for you to learn this skill as the demand will keep going up.

Applying a lash extension to the eye creates a fuller, natural-looking effect and enhances the appearance of the eyes. During this course you will learn how to apply and remove lashes, giving your clients a better range of services from you.

Being trained and qualified in lash extensions can also be very lucrative for your business, you can charge anywhere from £25 to £100 for classic lash extensions depending on the location and the type your client wants. So a small investment in this classic lash training course can greatly benefit your business.

You can book your Classic Eyelash Training Course in Derby today by following this link.


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