Excellent news for the Lash Beauty industry, the Government has announced we can reopen after Saturday 15st August. For those how can't wait, please read on. 


Due to the latest Government guidelines on Eyelash Extensions and other facial beauty treatments being in the high-risk area, I have been thinking of ways students can begin their lash learning journey while these guidelines are in place.


We propose that Lash students attend our Eyelash Extensions Theory Class, then have a Practical Lesson on a dummy head instead of a live model. This way, students have time to go home, absorb the training information, and get to know the tools. When we get the green light to go-ahead from the Government, you will then return to complete the course; this will consist of you bringing in your model to complete a full set on them with your instructor. 


We have researched many ways we can bring courses to you. One of them was to do an online course. However, we decided against this method. We believe that working on such a delicate area so intricately needs a professional standing by your side to guide you and demonstrate lashing techniques to you in person. 


Megan Thomas Lash Academy has completed a full risk assessment and is satisfied all government guidelines have been met with our Eyelash Extension Training Courses. We can maintain social distancing while teaching theory lessons; we have full PPE and appropriate cleaning products and procedures. Our risk assessment has also satisfied our insurance company's criteria, so we are fully insured and accredited through ABT Insurance. 


The course procedure remains the same; we require £50 for the course date booking deposit, followed by the balance payment on the day of your first theory training day. The practical training will be scheduled after the Government has allowed beauty facial treatments to reopen. If you decide not to return for the final practical session, you will not be reimbursed financially. 


Lash Course Option 1:

Book in for a Lash Course after 1st August to complete the full course in one day. 


Lash Course Option 2:

Book now and complete the Theory Course for 2.5 - 3.5 hours depending on course, then return after the 1st August for the Practical Course 2.5 - 3.5 hours depending on course. 


If you are interested in booking or have questions on the new course structure, please contact us for availability. 

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