Understanding Humidity for Lash Adhesives


Whatever make of lash adhesive you buy, it will have the ranges of temperatures and humidity that specific lash adhesive needs to work at its best.

To measure the conditions of your room you will first need a hygrometer/thermometer. All eyelash adhesives rely on moisture in the air to cure and work. When temperature or humidity is out of range, shock curing can happen, which we call blooming. 


High Humidity 

If the humidity in your lash room is too high (60% or over), when you take your lash extension out of the adhesive, the ingredient Cyanoacrylate will grab the moisture out of the air and cure almost instantly. This means it will be half dry before you’ve got to the natural eyelash. 

Extreme high humidity will cause your lash adhesive not to work at all. This will lead to you having lash brush offs and poor retention for your clients. If this is happening to you, then try a slower drying eyelash adhesive, such as PLATINUM.  


Top Tip: Pick up a little more adhesive to keep it moist.


Low Humidity 

If your lash room humidity is lower than 40% the Cyanoacrylate will not have enough moisture in the air to cure. This will result in the extension not ‘grabbing’ to the lash, as it will remain too wet. You will need a faster drying eyelash adhesive such as PLATINUM PLUS


Top Tip: Add plants to your room to create moisture in your room.  


Unrelated to humidity, if you are creating your Russian Volume Fans or using coloured lashes. We have the NEW Platinum CLEAR Lash Adhesive. It works best in the same condition as the Platinum plus but is perfect for fan lashing. 



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