Best practice for creating volume and hybrid lashes? Start with a fan! Lash technicians can save time and money by using premade fans. These innovative eyelashes are affordable, high quality, and look natural.


Voluminous, natural-looking lashes in minutes? We've got you covered! You can create voluminous, natural-looking lashes without having to make your own fans. 


Clients want voluminous lashes that look natural. Premade Volume Loose Lash Fans UK is one solution that provides those lashes! What's more, they get it right the first time – there's no need for multiple attempts like with handmade fans.



Our lash fans are made with the latest advanced production technology to reduce the lash root thickness. The Lash Root Base is thin, narrow and pointy due to our specialised head-bonded application process instead of glue. This makes the eyelash fan easy to work with when glueing and very light for the client's natural eyelash, improving lash retention. 


Extremely Cost-effective at just 0.03p per fan, costing around £3-£6 to apply a full set of Russian Volume Lashes. These lash fans are cutting your time in half by not having to build your own fans! The Premade Lash Fans can be prepared before each appointment on our silicone pads. Your clients spend less time on the bed, you can fit in double the amount of lash clients and the Lash results are the same! 


Purchase the Volume Lash Fans today!


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