Eyelash Adhesive Platinum Clear (Lash Glue) 5ml

I love using the Platinum CLEAR Lash Glue for making my Russian Volume Fans with a more seamless base. 

Platinum CLEAR Eyelash Adhesive is great for brown and coloured lashes as well as black lashes. 

Because the Lash Glue is transparent, it can be difficult to see how much adhesive you’re picking up, so keep an extra eye on glue usage.

Platinum CLEAR Eyelash Adhesive is great to use if you want to speed up lashing with a 0.5-1 second curing time and is used by more experienced Lash Technicians.

Platinum CLEAR Lash Glue works well in lower humidity. Faster drying adhesive means fewer stickies too.

We will be stocking the Clear Eyelash Extension Adhesive by Eyelash Ace (now Lash Techniq eyelash extension adhesive) for a short time in favour of this transparent clear eyelash extension glue. 



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