It is always exciting, also somewhat nerve-racking, being asked to trial a new glue, especially when you are already happy with your existing one! But when Megan asked me to try the new Platinum Plus glue I jumped at the chance.

I had been using the Megan Thomas Lash Academy Platinum glue since its launch, with no problems whatsoever. Retention was always good, my clients loved it and I loved it (although I did find I would get "stickies", but I put it down to my lashing style) but I think after using this glue I was actually just comfortable.

Upon 1st impressions, the glue is almost identical to the other, same packaging (different colour lids) same 5ml size, same colour too. Both the humidity and the temperature ranges are the same also, 40-70% and 20-27c. The only real difference is drying time. The Platinum glue is 1 sec and the Platinum Plus is 0.5 dry time. A faster dry time is perfect for an experienced tech or if you are experiencing low humidity and your glue isn't drying fast enough.

The real differences become apparent when I used the glue. It's BEAUTIFUL to work with. I experience no "stickies", only now do I realise just how many I was getting beforehand and it suits both my lashing style and the conditions of my room. However, the biggest difference was revealed 2 weeks after the initial use when my clients started returning (or not as it happened) for their infills. The retention of this glue is PHENOMENAL, a 2-week infill that used to take 1 hr, now 50 mins and some clients were actually postponing their appointments by a week due to hardly losing any Lashes! My clients are commenting on the change, they see how different the retention is for themselves.

I have now been using this glue religiously 6 days a week for 4 weeks and I am still not finished it! I have always believed that the price point on the Megan Thomas Lash Academy glue is great value but now with this new glue I believe even more so! With less time spent at infills, client happiness (results in positive reviews and potentially more clients booking) and less need to change the glue during sets (when used in conjunction with the glue petals, soon available on the lash store) this glue is excellent value for money.

In summary, I would highly recommend trying the MEGAN THOMAS LASH ACADEMY PLATINUM PLUS glue. If you work well with the Platinum glue or any 1-sec dry time glue then I urge you to try this. Also with 20 %off the listed price to all STUDENTS, a must buy.

Let us know how you get on, tag us in your amazing lash retention pics on your socials.

Much love Anna from TLC Lashes 😘


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